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Christmas time: new blog theme and new supplies

Since Christmas is near, I wanted to get in the Christmas mood, so I tuned in to Christmas Channel (the former, changed the blog theme, made myself a cup of hot cocoa and there you have it: Christmasy mood ON.

I also started watching Christmas movies, next I gotta start making gifts for my loved ones.

Also, while at Lidl in the last few weeks, I stumbled on all sorts of crafts supplies, really good price and great quality. So I got a few things for my Xmas cards and decorations 😀

Sorry for the pics quality, I misplaced my camera again :))


Cheerful and colorful days: geometric patterned hair bow clip

hair bow

This fun hair bow clip is the perfect accessory for a cheerful and colorful summer day. But if you’re not having a great day, this hair bow can actually cheer you up quite a bit 🙂

So enjoy the summer and have lots of fun.

Sunny yellow cuteness: flutes for a sunflower-themed wedding

Last week, before getting the whole Canning Mania :), I decorated one of the cutest but most difficult to do set of wedding flutes so far.

sunflower wedding flutes

This is not just another set of handmade wedding flutes decorated with satin string (aka rattail cord). It’s so much more. It’s mostly about sunflowers, just like the wedding. The bride wanted lots of sunflowers everywhere on her wedding day. Including on the champagne glasses. But clay modeling or painting are not among my best features, although I gave painting a go.

painted sunflower flute

 Since natural dwarf sunflowers are still too big, fabric flowers were my choice. This post is mainly about them 🙂 These teeny-tiny Kanzashi fabric flowers. I love japanese fabric flowers, but I’m still a beginner in this field. I made larger flowers for hairclips or brooches, but these flowers needed to have really small petals. So a friend lent me a hand and made small 12-petals flowers. Each flower is only 2.5 cm (approx 1”) in diameter, so this was quite a difficult task. But the result is so much better than I expected and the bride and groom were ecstatic about the flutes.

So here they are: my handmade flutes for a sunflower-themed wedding (click for larger pictures). I hope you’ll like them.

 You can see more of my handmade wedding flutes on my Facebook page.

While the guys were watching the football match: Cute floral card

While the guys were watching the football match: Cute floral card

Cute floral card with 3D butterfly

One year later: belated blog aniversary

A year ago I started this journey.

Okay, I did it! I started a blog!

As for everything, there had to be a beginning. It’s been a while since I had it in mind to start a blog and a Facebook page related to my hobbies 🙂 I truly believe that love is handmade and homemade..and everything handmade or homemade should be made with love and passion ( that’s what my dad says it’s the reason the food he cooks is so delicious).

Facebook cover photo

It’s been an amazing year, with many events, lots of work and many changes. I’ve posted only now and then, less often than I hoped I would, less than a post a week.  I haven’t written long texts, but I tried to express through tons of images. I’ve only posted a few tutorials, but they were the most read posts on my blog.

So, for this belated anniversary, some sort of new year’s blog resolution: to write more often, at least once a week and write more tutorials for the DIY enthusiasts everywhere.

A bit about me

A bit about me

Flower patterned boxes and flower vases: an update

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in and let you know what goodies I made. I’ve been a bit busy, so I haven’t gotten to writing on the blog as often as i wished.

 And I actually did lots of stuff: a few boxes decorated using the decoupage technique (with or without crackle effect), some decorative liqueur bottles, lots of flower vases decorated with twine and lace, even more flower vases decorated with decoupage, wedding toasting flutes, ring boxes, wedding decorations and wedding stationery (more on this great travel-themed wedding at a later time, after I get my hands on the professional photos from the event) and many more. 

So, I’ll just leave the pictures do the talking for me.


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