Sunny yellow cuteness: flutes for a sunflower-themed wedding

Last week, before getting the whole Canning Mania :), I decorated one of the cutest but most difficult to do set of wedding flutes so far.

sunflower wedding flutes

This is not just another set of handmade wedding flutes decorated with satin string (aka rattail cord). It’s so much more. It’s mostly about sunflowers, just like the wedding. The bride wanted lots of sunflowers everywhere on her wedding day. Including on the champagne glasses. But clay modeling or painting are not among my best features, although I gave painting a go.

painted sunflower flute

 Since natural dwarf sunflowers are still too big, fabric flowers were my choice. This post is mainly about them 🙂 These teeny-tiny Kanzashi fabric flowers. I love japanese fabric flowers, but I’m still a beginner in this field. I made larger flowers for hairclips or brooches, but these flowers needed to have really small petals. So a friend lent me a hand and made small 12-petals flowers. Each flower is only 2.5 cm (approx 1”) in diameter, so this was quite a difficult task. But the result is so much better than I expected and the bride and groom were ecstatic about the flutes.

So here they are: my handmade flutes for a sunflower-themed wedding (click for larger pictures). I hope you’ll like them.

 You can see more of my handmade wedding flutes on my Facebook page.


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