Lovely crafty weekend: handmade kitchen towels hanger and more

lovely crafty weekend

Last weekend I reserved some time for crafts and goodies.

I got together with a friend who wanted me to make her a new kitchen towels hanger and wanted to find out a thing or two about decoupage. We had some coffee and chocolate and then we started…We actually worked together on the hanger: sanding, painting, preparing the tissue, gluing, blow drying and finishing with a matte varnish spray.

Handmade kitchen towel hangerHandmade kitchen towel hanger

As it went quite well, we decided we’d decorate a journal cover also (yellow of course, as she is obsessed with this color).  Unfortunately, this was the first time I used a really big area of tissue, so I got some wrinkles, but I think it’s OK for a first. We added a detail from a tissue in similar colors, we added some black ribbon and finished the look with some matte finish spray.

Journal cover

Then I made some good, comfort food: some mussels chowder and Quiche. No recipe today, just some phone shots of the crisp buttery pie (silly me, I misplaced my camera again).

Hope you like them. You can check all my Handmade work on my Facebook page. Feel free to comment with any help, opinions, or suggestions. For questions, special requests and orders, contact me by email or on Facebook.


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