Wedding details – more photos from our mostly-handmade wedding

handmade wedding details

Since I promised more details from our mostly-handmade wedding, there you have some more photos. Most of the things are handmade with love, by me ūüôā The other credits are in the photo captions. Hope you like them.

I love Gypsophila, those tiny delicate white flowers that seem to last an age and never fail to make a significant impact .¬†The amazing baby’s breath (Gypsophila) flower arrangements and wedding bouquet by¬†Emanuela Voicu-Paizs¬†(Floraria Ema) went great with my 100 handmade¬†twine and lace flower vases. They¬†were really just as I dreamed them.

Flowers and deco by Floraria Ema

And because love is sweet and it said so in different places on our sweets bar, let me show you some details of the sweets and wedding cake.

sweets and cake

And some more pictures ūüôā¬†¬†All photo credits: Vuia Andrei (VuiaFoto)

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to my great friends who helped a lot, to all the friends and family who chose to take part and enjoy our joy and to the amazing professionals who helped getting the look, flowers, decorations, music, sweets, drinks and photos I dreamed of.

Photo by Vuia Andrei (VuiaFoto)
Makeup by Claudia Tataran (Celebrity beauty salon Arad)
Hair by Laura Roman (Celebrity beauty salon Arad)
Flowers and deco by Emanuela Voicu-Paizs (Floraria Ema)
Sweets and wedding cake by Cofetaria Cristina M
Cocktails and flair by Manu Karacsonyi (Flair Connection)
Location : Milennium Restaurant 
Thank you, guys! 

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2 thoughts on “Wedding details – more photos from our mostly-handmade wedding

  1. […] As I wanted that all the details of our wedding to create that vintage-romantic feeling, it had to be some more lace This time I went with my favourite colour: Green. And because I love¬†contrast, I went with green-and-ivory and green-and-brown spirals for the stems of the flutes.¬† Once again, I made a cute brown bow-tie for my groom‚Äôs glass and used some clear rhinestones as buttons on the shirt-part (the ivory part) of the glass. As for my glass, I decorated it rather simple but classy, with ivory string, handmade satin roses and lace. We loved them (also loved the¬†sparkling content ) ) and they brought some more romantic feeling to our mostly-handmade wedding. […]

  2. […] made so many things for our special day, that I still have to show you lots of handmade thingies On today’s episode: the Guestbook, […]

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