Other kind of knots – Cruise around the Maltese islands

Boating knot

Our amazing wedding came and passed so incredibly fast, so we left the next day for the sunny Malta (once we get back and we get the professional photos, I’ll post some details of the handmade thingies I made for the wedding).

After a few days here, walking lots of kilometers daily, we decided that a relaxing day cruising around the islands in a Turkish Gulet was the best way to get glimpses of the culture, heritage and diversity in Malta.

We chose Hera Cruises and we were glad with the choice we made. They are offering a choice of cruises around the enchanting Maltese islands in the heart of the Mediterranean, from which we picked  the wonderful, relaxing, full day cruise showcasing the Maltese coastline.

Early in the morning, we sailed from Sliema Ferries and enjoyed the views of the amazing Valletta, of cute fishermen villages, of the wild Dingli Cliffs and the uninhabited island of Filfla.

We had a buffet lunch, with traditional food and local wines, did a lot of sunbathing (be sure to use lots of sunscreen and apply it uniformly, unlike me, if you wish to avoid big red burn spots).

But probably the most impressive thing on this cruise was the Blue Lagoon. There you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon (Maltese: Bejn il-Kmiemen, literally “Between the Cominos”). Frequented by large numbers of tourists and tour boats daily, the Blue Lagoon is a picturesque bay with a white sandy base and rich marine life, therefore very popular with divers, snorkelers and swimmers (check out this Youtube video). While  you’re there, also get a speed boat ride to the nearby caves, it will be really exciting and the views are stunning (you’ll also see the St Mary’s Tower, the cliff-top fort perched 150 metres above the sea close to the southern tip of Comino; built in 1618, the tower was used in The Count of Monte Cristo as the exterior of the infamous Château d’If).

The Blue Lagoon and Cominotto island

The Blue Lagoon and Cominotto island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a day of relaxing sunbathing and swimming in the most azure water, we set sail for the north of Malta island, with a stop in one of the secluded bays in Gozo, for some more swimming and snorkeling. In the early evening, we traveled down the eastern urban coast and headed back to Sliema.

So, if you plan a trip to Malta (and you definitely should), head to Sliema, check in at friendly Corner Hostel (say Hi to James from us). Then visit the amazing Valletta, Rabat, “the silent city” Mdina, The Three Cities, the many churches and cathedrals, the numerous fortifications and towers, the megalithic temples, the all-new Malta National Aquarium, meet the friendly people, enjoy the food, enjoy the sunny weather, walk a lot.  But start with a wonderful, relaxing, full day cruise around the Maltese islands, getting glimpses of the culture, heritage and diversity in Malta.



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