Love is sweet

I attended a short workshop on image transfer technique organized by a great handmade artist, Laura Dumbrava from Fabricuta de idei.  This technique can be used to transfer images to wood, canvas or other mediums, but also to transfer  texts or small images on an object that has been previously decorated using acrylic paint or by using the decoupage technique. The final product will have an aged aspect with touches of shabby-chic 🙂

Since we could use our own images, I decided I’d better make myself a Candy Bar sign for the wedding. Because the image will be applied on the canvas and it had text on it, it had to be printed in reverse (always laser print your images for this technique).

candy bar sign image - mirrored

For this project, we used an artist canvas, acrylic colors, transfer gel (for the transfer technique) and we finished it (sealed the image in place) with water-based lacquer. For an even more ‘aged’ look, we used some antique paste.

Details on the whole process of applying the image on canvas can be found in the tutorial written by Laura Dumbrava at

Below, you can see a few pictures taken by Laura during the workshop.

And here’s a picture of my final product, the Candy Bar sign for my wedding, not as perfect as I wished, but maybe till the wedding I can give it another try 🙂

candy bar sign
candy bar sign

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